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Workplace Culture Wisdom By Two Guys Who Can’t Spell, Bill & Ted.

After years of intensive analysis, Google discovers the key to good teamwork is being nice. Hey Google, you could have saved a buttload of cash if you had just watched the 1980’s classic movie “Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure”. Here are some important takeaways from Bill & Ted:

1. “Be excellent to each other”.

2.  Don’t be a medieval dickweed.

a. Don’t be a dick like Napoleon; you will get ditched. (Fired) Oh and don’t hire assholes or psychopaths.

       BillYou ditched Napoleon?

       Ted: Deacon, do you realize you have just stranded one of Europe’s greatest leaders in San Dimas?

       DeaconHe was a dick.

Summary:  Build a culture of trust from the micro team up to the c-suite. It’s that simple. Now go do it!

*Note: The Google study referenced above is an interesting read from the NY Times AND you should also go watch Bill & Ted now!