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Man Vs. Machine: Will Robots Take over Social Media?

A cage match for the future of content creation


In it’s 5th spectacular year, Denver Startup Week is touting its largest number of attendees ever. Beginning at 8am on Monday morning the flurry of Social Media action surrounding the multitude of startup week events commences. People rely on social media not only for personal promotion but for communicating information about what’s going on around the downtown area. An incredible amount of work goes into the coordination of all the moving parts that make up the week-long event. Furthermore, it takes an army of volunteers and committee members to make it all happen. Social media helps to keep people connected and the information current.

Getting around to making an actual point, one of this year’s highly anticipated DSW events is the “AI Cage Match: Man Vs. Machine”. This healthy debate will feature Scott Yates, dedicated content creator and CEO of Blog Mutt as he battles against Jim Gunderson, super robotics Geek and CTO of CaiT, an automated content creation platform for social media. These heavy hitters will expose the benefits and challenges of content creation by humans as opposed to robots and duke it out over the future of manual and automated content creation.

What would it be like in a world where artificial intelligence can take over the task of communicating with the world on behalf of a company, a blogger, or even a news and sports reporter? Is there a danger of replacing people with machines for authoring original thoughts and interacting with humans in a way that mimics human interaction? Are there some things that will never replace a human when it comes to thought leadership? Join us for a great discussion and to learn about the technology that is shaping and will greatly impact the future of content marketing! Learn more about the talk here