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WhiteBoard 101:

leahwhiteboardGood business is forever evolving. It is a rotating door of new ideas, trends, different personalities and straight-up necessity. A good business plan will never be “finished” unless you want it to die. While reminding yourself of your original goal, the WhiteBoard is where your business finds its personality.

That is why at Team and Culture, we use the WhiteBoard as more than just a tool. The WhiteBoard is constant symbol of openness and growth in our office. In fact, we made our very walls into WhiteBoards to remind us to keep thinking, growing and evolving.

Whether writing on an actual WhiteBoard or using a virtual one, the community you build around the WhiteBoard will set the tone for your whole business culture. In our eBook, we talk about the importance of strong leaders. A good leader listens, she is open to change and knows he has something to learn from everybody. Allowing your employees and business partners to get all their ideas onto the WhiteBoard can strike a chord you didn’t even know was there. Suddenly, you are working side-by-side with the intern to develop your next great product idea or redesign.

The point is, you never know what big things can happen if you have your eyes open and your dry-erase markers ready. Once it is out of your head and onto the board, it takes a whole new meaning. Don’t underestimate the power of the WhiteBoard.