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Our Panel Discussion “Why Culture Matters- And it matters a LOT more than you may think” was a Denver Startup Week favourite in votes, rsvps and attendance! For those who couldn’t get into the event we will post video soon! Thanks to the awesome panel and moderators but mostly thanks to all of the attendees! The launch of Culture Labx Colorado was announced as well! Culture Labx started in San Francisco and quickly spread to Portland, Seattle, New York, London and now Colorado! Woohoo!  Thanks to our panelists, Nate Greenlee of Team & Culture, Zach Nies managing director of TechStars, Dan Lynn CEO of AgilData, Dr. Natalie Baumgartner, Co-Founder and the Chief Psychologist at RoundPegg, Krista Morgan CEO of P2bi Investor and our moderators Leah Zions of Team and Culture and Ashlee Cloud! Big thanks to Code Talent for hosting!