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You are likely familiar with the phrase, “People don’t quit their jobs, they quit their managers.” There is a similar phrase in existence that I will venture to label as insanely inaccurate, and that is “Employees quit leaders, not companies.

As embroiled as we are in today’s scuffle for skills (I am personally sick of the phrase “War for Talent.” It rearranges “WTF” and leaves me thinking just that.), one phenomenon has quickly revealed itself – people quit their jobs to follow leaders.

Think about it. Forget your Glassdoor reviews for a minute. Stop reading that article about sourcing on Twitter. Lock away those Service Agreements with the 25% placement fee. People follow leaders. It’s as simple as that.

It’s January, which means much of your workforce is on the job hunt (just look at this terrifying graphic put out by Indeed). Architecting and executing a comprehensive talent acquisition strategy is no small feat, but letting the market work to your advantage is just plain smart.

Companies hire leaders to bring change. Leaders bring talent and change companies.

Written by CLxCo member Nicholas R. Larche, Esq. Human Resources Manager & Corporate Counsel | Founder of HR UndergroundX