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….And Let Me Tell You Why.


“Leadership is about more than just forcing people to do what you say. A prison guard does that. A good leader creates belief”. John Wooden.

Would you rather be loved or feared? Love builds. Fear destroys. You can build relationships on love, not fear. Fear may push you on but love leads you forward. I choose the style of John Wooden to that of a Bobby Knight. I choose Winston Churchill over Stalin, Mao or Hitler and other Machiavelli lovin’ despots. Fear only lasts as long as the despot / manager has the stick. Once Saddam was toppled, Iraqis were no longer afraid and his statues to himself fell about as fast as Iraq to the U.S. Forces, if not faster.

Would you rather work for Yoda or Vader? Of course you would work {with} Yoda, not {for} Vader.


Yoda is a beloved teacher. Vader is, well, a Sith Lord. My choice is to work with employees and to lead versus dictate and have people work FOR me. We work together. In short, I choose Yoda over Vader. Oh ya, and Machiavelli sucks.  

Vader is like any other bad manager. He’s a master of the darkside with a boss he has to blow in order to keep his power. As a result (of said boss-blowing), the Sith Lord has no self-respect, so he pisses on those below him in a desperate attempt to gain respect somewhere. Shit rolls downhill in bad companies. A good leader compartmentalizes and then shoulders the blame and spreads praise down the line. 

In the words of Princess Leia, “The more you tighten your grip, the more star systems will slip through your fingers.”

John Doerr lays out the two differing styles very well in his video, “mercenaries vs. missionaries”.