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In the infamous words on Bill S. Preston Esq. and Ted “Theodore” Logan, you need to be more excellent and stop the negativity. If you can’t find the positive side of your current situation, your culture is most non-triumphant.

spruce-image (1)It is truly amazing the power of positivity. People flock to it like a fly to a flame. No matter how hard your situation. No matter how tall your current financial issues stand, there is no room to be a dickweed to your employees. They are literally your lifeline and your business.

Think back to the last boss that you had. Did you work hard for them? or did you slack off? Chances are that if you thought their mission was a positive one, you worked harder. If you thought they were mean and rude, you worked less. The energy in your office is so closely tied to your bottom line. If you are money motivated and results driven, you will keep this in mind the next time you feel angry, disappointed, or discouraged. Passing these feelings on to your team can be a nail in your coffin.

Practice persistent positivity–whether you feel it or not– and positive results will eventually find you. Even if it means you have to step back to go forward, always look at the big picture to find the happiest, most interesting and friendliest path. People buy into that kind of attitude.

Happy days ahead…