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“We composed a list of all the things we DO NOT want to be and instead of a mission, we came up with an anti-mission comprised of our anti-values”

When Team and Culture was trying to come up with what we stand for and our “why”, we kept thinking of things that we DO NOT want to be. So, we decided to roll with it and create our “Anti-values”. If you are a leader who likes to crush souls and block the path to employee empowerment, you should just go ahead and “unfollow” us because you are a part of a dying breed. Are we saying these types of people/leaders are dwindling in numbers? No, not necessarily, but they are going to find themselves walking uphill both ways in a snowstorm with a 100lb pack. Especially with tech companies, despot leaders will be competing with forward-thinking entrepreneurs who see people as friends and allies rather than collateral.

Team & Culture Anti-Values



Crush Souls Have Fun
Be Arrogant Laugh
Stink (B.O. is Awesome) Make Friends at Work
Stick to Protocol ALL the Time Like/Empower People
Cheat People, Especially When They need Help  Help People, especially If They Can’t Help You
Require TPS Reports Be a Good Human Being

By creating our anti-mission, we are drawing a line in the sand and taking a stand for the tenets in which we do not believe. We decided to start this company after we left a previous company, we thought about trying to do it on the side while we sought gainful employment. We soon realized that we were unable to move the needle much on our project because we were only half-committed. When we decided to just go for it and plant the flag, things began to happen and we suddenly were attracting opportunities we had not even hoped for. This story is in no way trying to discourage the part-time entrepreneur, this is how we got going after we realized how we work and the most productive paths for us personally.  We believe that any possible way you can achieve your goal is viable. It is all about taking a stand and setting your mind to the project at hand.