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Culture Matters


Each human has an innate need to matter and contribute to the world in a meaningful way. When we embrace this reality instead of trying to squash it, we are consistently amazed at what our companies and colleagues can achieve. 

Our Team

The Best in the Business

Founded in 2014, Leah and Nate had a vision of creating a lifestyle-oriented workplace that helped others create the same. If we’re going to spend at least 8 of our waking hours at work, we should enjoy it, feel like part of a real team, and accomplish our life’s purpose in the process. They decided to do this by working from the ground level up, supporting Denver founders, local startups, and entrepreneurial support groups who were changing the meaning of the word “work” in Denver… and we haven’t looked back.

Our Culture

Simply Brilliant

Our culture is inspired by our collective love for all that is Colorado: fresh mountain air, healthy living, and a relentless drive to reach our highest peaks. The entrepreneurs, captians of industry, and veteran leaders of Denver make up our team and purpose.

Leading by Example

Nathan Greenlee

Nathan Greenlee

CEO & Head Coach

Nathan has helped launch software, big data startups, and pioneer the new space market. He specializes in entrepreneurship, building teams, and executive management that provides cultures what they need to succeed long term. 

Jessica Kelly

Jessica Kelly

Creative Director & Team Captain

Jessica is an excellent visual communicator starting her career in Journalism and working her way into strategic communications. As a founding member of Team and Culture, she has helped to cultivate numerous brand identities.

Leah Zions

Leah Zions

CMO & Culture Architect

Leah Zions has her degree in Marketing from UC Denver, and has been making waves in the Denver business world since 2005. Leah is a sponsor for Denver Founders, Veterans in Residence and Denver Startup Week.   

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