Visopathy- Going Beyond Sympathy or Empathy

Coining a New Word for Putting Yourself in Another’s Shoes By Leah Zions One of the core values I have always championed is the ability to understand people and the decisions they make. I gave a speech recently on this subject and as I was pondering the best word to describe this core value, I

3 Reasons Office Culture Drives Your Brand

Good branding starts with office culture. Now you know the secret. Branding is perhaps one of the most misunderstood sciences, and continues to be poorly executed – selling many amazing people (and products) short. A good brand is a feeling you create, not a color you choose. Every person associated with your brand makes up that emotional

Turd Burger

The Art of a Turd Sandwich: Be Wise When You Criticise

  Wisdom of  Leadership Criticism By Leah Zions You’ve eaten your fair share of turds in the workplace and if you’ve learned anything, it’s that it stinks and often causes indigestion. Then the day comes when it’s your turn to deliver the turd and watch a workmate clean his plate. If the notion of delivering

7 Surprisingly Effective Headline Writing Tips

By Jessica Kelly You didn’t click on this article haphazardly. You clicked here because you saw an intriguing headline. It was science, actually – carefully crafted words that made this article clickable. Over the years, data scientists have analyzed billions of clicks among countless demographics.It turns that patterns of behavior  are associated with specific headline wording. We’ve

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