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Will Robots Take Over Social Media?

Man Vs. Machine: Will Robots Take over Social Media? A cage match for the future of content creation In it’s 5th spectacular year, Denver Startup Week is touting its largest number of attendees ever. Beginning at 8am on Monday morning the flurry of Social Media action surrounding the multitude of startup week events commences. People

Bill & Ted Culture

Workplace Culture Wisdom By Two Guys Who Can’t Spell

Workplace Culture Wisdom By Two Guys Who Can’t Spell, Bill & Ted. After years of intensive analysis, Google discovers the key to good teamwork is being nice. Hey Google, you could have saved a buttload of cash if you had just watched the 1980’s classic movie “Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure”. Here are some important takeaways

War Time Entrepreneurial Lessons

If you start up a company the odds of winning are heavily stacked against you. As such, I am a fanatic about team and culture. Why? Because a startup generally has a binary future and it takes you down one of these two paths, (slight exaggerations): 0. Riding a unicorn on a rainbow to a

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