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A group of people who believe that your job shouldn’t be work and your work shouldn’t just be a job. (Huh?) Yeah, your career journey should be an extension of your life and a reflection of your passions and interests. We don’t mean to say that every day should be rainbows and unicorns, nothing ever is, but if your wins feel like a $1B lotto ticket and your losses feel like a gut sucker punch, you’re in the right place friends. On the other hand, if both your wins and losses feel like luke-warm soup, it’s probably time for some soul-searching.


Business Strategy

Values. Sometimes it’s easier to articulate who and what you don’t want to be. As such, we codified some of our values, err, anti-values.

Antivalues Team & Culture

Nate and Leah, being of a like mind on this issue, knew they worked well together and that they wanted to create a company that was very intentional about building a synergistic team and creating a great culture for that team. SO, here is the conversation that transpired:

Leah: “So what should we name our company? Nate: “Something that communicates that we are all about team and culture.” Leah: “Why not just call it Team & Culture?” Nate: “I like it, the domain name TeamAndCulture.com is available” Leah: “I like it too, let’s book it. Now, what are we going to actually do?”

And that was that, it was also the first and last time it only took 30 second to name something. From that point on, we combined our mutual love for all things entrepreneurial and our strategic marketing prowess to help small/medium size companies to launch, grow and scale with grace by providing them with a strategic roadmap and the digital products that lead to the next level.

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